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National Well Supplies Company
We are Proud distributors of
Grundfos Environmental Pumps Cetco Mud Products
Perma Pressure Tanks and Galvanized Tanks Silver Line Plastics Water Well Pipe
Morrison Bros. Products Uniman Sand
Emco Wheaton Manholes and Vaults Spears Fittings
Coleman Cable Franklin Electric Motors and Controls
PDSco Drilling Mud Franklin Electric Water Systems
  Unitra Pumps - Water Well, Jet, Centrifugal,
    Trash Handling, Lawn & Sprinkler
Simmons Well Seals and Accessories Merrill Accessories
Boshart Accessories Snyder Storage Tanks
Pentair Water Systems Monarch Water Systems
PW Eagle Pipe  

We distribute and sell complete
Grundfos Redi-Flo Sampling/Remediation/Landfill Leachate Pumping Systems,
Pneumatic Sampling/Remediation/Landfill Leachate and
Landfill Condensate Pumping Systems

Environmental Supplies
You will find that we carry just about everything needed
for completion of environmental and remediation wells.

Water Well
We offer many products essential for well completion,
and we make a large variety of wrapped screens.
We are also a full line water well supply house
specializing in the products listed above.

We make the best back-wash valve in the groundwater industry!
National Well Supplies Company - Backwash valves
Backwash valves with either a plastic or steel ball.
This item is an exclusive product with us.
We manufacture it in 2" through 4" diameter.
It is easy to install and facilitates natural gravel packing.
It aids in screen wash down.

NWSC offers a complete line of Geotechnical equipment and supplies,
including supplies for construction and soil testing.

Cathodic Protection
NWSC manufactures slotted and perforated PVC and HDPE for cathodic protection.

Wire-Wrapped Screens
for Ground Water and Monitoring
Our Wire-Wrapped screens probably have more open area
than most similar products available on the market.
National Well Supplies Company - Wire-Wrapped Screen Manufacturing
Fabricating a wire wrap screen.
Our screens are available in wrapped on pipe,
undercut schedule 80 and raised rib schedule 40.

Custom Fabrication
NWSC is a manufacturing facility and can fabricate most anything
you may need for special applications.
Ask us about the NWSC sludge sampler. It's fantastic!

Internal and External PVC pipe cutters.
National Well Supplies Company - PVC pipe cutter
Can be used to cut PVC pipe after
it is installed and in difficult areas.

National Well Supplies Company - K-Packers
We have these in numerous sizes.

Locking Plugs
National Well Supplies Company - Locking Plugs
1" through 8" diameter.

Locking Plugs
National Well Supplies Company - Locking Plugs
1" through 8" diameter.

Stainless Steel Centralizers
National Well Supplies Company - Stainless Steel Centralizers
Available in 2" through 8" diameters.

Upright Well Head Protectors
National Well Supplies Company - Upright Well Head Protectors
Square or round, steel or aluminum.
4" - 6" - 8" and larger on request.

National Well Supplies Company - Manholes
Available square and round, 8" to 36".
Cast lid, galvanized skirt.

Flush Fill boxes
National Well Supplies Company - Flush Fill boxes
Gives variation in surface completion and prevents access.
Brass lid and cast body. 2" to 4" diameter.

National Well Supplies Company, Inc.      
National Well Supplies Company, Inc.
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Houston, Texas 77043
Phone: 800-545-1446 and 713-467-0462
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National Well Supplies Company, Inc.--NOTE by owner Barry W. Wyatt: "while surprised when receiving Vickie Ross's written resignation stating she was retiring, we surely wish her well. NWSC, as we have done for the past 30+ years and prior to 2005 when I opened a local office, we will continue serving the DFW market locally and supplying product via our trucks and freight from Houston. NWSC takes pride in being around since 1950 and being an the old timer in Texas as a Supply House and PVC Screen and Monitor pipe manufacturer. We are blessed to be able to serve. We continue to stock items locally as with our Wyo-Ben Mud products in local Weatherford Warehouse" thanks BWW
(Dallas - Fort Worth)
2555 Blue Mound Rd W
Ft. Worth, Texas 76052
Phone: 800-316-3293 and 817-665-1500 and cell 713-252-7114
Fax: 713-467-0217
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