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National Well Supplies Company
NWSC is a manufacturer and supplier for the

Ground Water Industry Environmental Industry
Construction Drainage Industry Equipment
Water Well Geotechnical
Cathodic Protection Wire-Wrapped Screens
for Ground Water and Monitoring

We are a MANUFACTURER, if we don't have it, we can make it.
If we can't make it, I'll bet we know where to get it.

NWSC Mission Statement

We will always strive to conduct ourselves with the
highest level of integrity and ethics
while being of maximum service to our customers.
Customer service is our number one goal.

National Well Supplies Company, Inc.      
National Well Supplies Company, Inc.
1625 Brittmoore Road
Houston, Texas 77043
Phone: 800-545-1446 and 713-467-0462
Fax: 713-467-0217
E-mail: Barry Wyatt -
E-mail: Mike Lorenz -
National Well Supplies Company, Inc.--NOTE by owner Barry W. Wyatt: "while surprised when receiving Vickie Ross's written resignation stating she was retiring, we surely wish her well. NWSC, as we have done for the past 30+ years and prior to 2005 when I opened a local office, we will continue serving the DFW market locally and supplying product via our trucks and freight from Houston. NWSC takes pride in being around since 1950 and being an the old timer in Texas as a Supply House and PVC Screen and Monitor pipe manufacturer. We are blessed to be able to serve. We continue to stock items locally as with our Wyo-Ben Mud products in local Weatherford Warehouse" thanks BWW
(Dallas - Fort Worth)
2555 Blue Mound Rd W
Ft. Worth, Texas 76052
Phone: 800-316-3293 and 817-665-1500 and cell 713-252-7114
Fax: 713-467-0217
E-mail: Vickie Ross "Retired" -

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